With Anja Bergh

For yoga teachers inspired by Embodied Flow™ yoga, or somatics, dedicated to staying CREATIVE and DELIGHTEDLY FRESH!

LETS GET YOU FEELING SUPER-INSPIRED! 5 months of inspirational work, sequence, theming and guidance to keep you nourished, overflowing and feeling great in your practice and teaching.  



Getting you super inspired and learning new to overflow into your teachings. You will practice a series of workshops created to flow from developmental patterns through the body systems into full integration. The asana sequence is mindfully created to support your students through a full semester of classes. Easy to bring to class sequence PDF's will be available each month to support you in the classroom.


Having the felt sense of support and somewhere to turn to ask questions, share your findings and gain inspiration. Being in a group vehicle adds energy to our work and makes us more compassionate. All good things for us as yogateachers. Being able to share experience from class, our successes and resistances, gives you experience. So even if it's not your own experience, you now know about it, and it grows your wisdom. Group mind is what we call it.


Getting you relaxed and easeful in the process of creating classes or exploring new materials. Finding what works for you at this time. Intuition, imagination, science, myth, philosophy, anatomy? All works as avenues for your creativity! 


Understanding how to theme classes from multiple different angles to create that richness of experience we all love so much. Getting really clear on how to land someone in their body.  


Knowing the importance of your work and how to create and sustain a healthy community. In group dialouge and 1-on-1 privates we can take a look at your strengths and your challanges in the classroom and potentially start moving through and out of your stuck places.


Knowing you are free to explore whatever avenues of movement you choose. Our collective couriosity is what drives the wave of yoga evolution. Get yourself comfortable in deeply listening, and eventually organizing your curiosites into movement journeys for your students.


Get you pedagogy sharp. Words are magic! Spoken, moved or felt, they always make a difference in the world. Lets practice speaking clearly and staying on topic in the freest way possible,


Freeing up your ways of validating your knowing. Through the language of body moving, emotions flowing, imagination speaking to you and mental knowing.  

Anja Bergh is unique in the field of yoga. She lives on the short list of people that drive me to become a better person. Wise, intelligent, curious, caring she naturally cultivates and models next level community wherever she goes. I frequently turn to her for advice as a friend and colleague around virtually everything from unique embodiment practices, to philosophy, to questions of vision and collaboration. I find few teachers as generous with their time and service as she is. She humbly invites other teachers to share with her students (even though she could easily guide them through volumes of material) simply to open up dialogue and offer differing perspectives. I think one of the things that I admire most about Anja is her dedication to continuously study and reinvent and evolve with an easefulness that compels me to stay close and learn. 

-Tara Judelle, co-founder of Embodeid Flow™ Yoga

Anja is a teacher with great knowledge and a deep passion for yoga and movement. She is the teacher that forever changed my relationship to yoga and my own physical being through her playful and sweetly challenging classes. Anjas words always ignites a spark of curiosity and guides her students into finding freedom through movement in their bodies and psyches.She is a constant source of inspiration! 

- Eleonore Stenqvist Wesén, Yoga Teacher


I can't wait to meet you! Ready to guide, inspire, lead and support!  

My name is Anja Bergh and I’m a certified Embodied Flow™ teacher. I adore working with people like yourself! When I see you move in my classroom (live or online) and I can see the hundreds or even thousands of hours you’ve already spent on the mat, all that experience, knowing and not knowing.. I delight! 

I have created something I want to share with you. I’ve been in this business since 2004 and since then yoga has been my life, my passion, my hustle and my carreer.  

I know that being a yoga teacher is demanding work requiering a new level of self dicipline and self-nurturing. And I know we need to stay in touch with each other to keep inspired and nourished enough to teach from the overflow, not from our own reserves.  

So that’s why I’ve created this 5 month long program. To keep you exploring and feeding the inner fire of inspiration and to do it in community.  


  • You want monthly inspiration asana masterclasses and themes to keep you fresh and alive in your own movement as well as in your teaching.  
  • You long for personal mentorship, one-on-one calls as well as group connection to make sure you get to ask your questions and get individual guidance. Yet staying in the vehicle of community.
  • You are a yoga teacher inspired by Embodied Flow™ or somatic movement, wanting to stay fresh and inspired, gaining new experiences continually.  
  • You are self-motivated and feel inspired to do a certain amount of home exploration and study to keep the group energy high.  
  • You want to learn more about sequence and theming in this free form of teaching asana to really share profoundly in the yoga room.  


  • If you haven’t practiced Embodied Flow™ yoga or somatic movment is not your biggest crush.  


  • Every month you will get: One Masterclass online-live session approx 2,5 hours. It's divided into a somatic exploration 20-40 mins followed by asana class 90 mins and a sharing of our experience. (Allow a day for the recording to be uploaded to the online classroom if you miss our live session).  
  • A 15-20 min guided meditation will be uploaded to the online classroom to use for the month.
  • One pre-recorded lecture on the current theme of exploration plus exercises to use for movement explorations at home. This lecture contains teaching tools for making a bigger impact with your words in class. I will also give multiple different options on how to physically land a student in the body system we are exploring. Teacher treasure chest!
  • Asana sequence sheets to play with in your own practice or use as inspiration for your classes. The asana class will be specifically created to access the state of mind, principle or body system we are exploring that month. It will be received in a PDF format so you can print and bring to class.
  • Between our monthly group sessions there is time for you to connect live with Anja to support your individual journey. You will get 3 x 20 min live meetings during the 5 month course.  

“The amount of freedom there is to find beneath our cultured selves blows my mind.” - Anja


I found yoga 20 years ago and have taught full-time now for 13 years. I am a certified Embodied Flow™ yoga teacher, certified Anusara yoga teacher, practitioner of different bodywork healing modalities, and run a yoga school in Sweden with many years of experience in training yoga teachers and nurturing the community. I study with Tara Judelle and Scott Lyons, Bonnie Bainbridge-Cohen, Sally Kepton, Laura Larriva page and most of all I study with life itself.  

My biggest strength as a teacher is my presence. When we are in the yoga room together nothing exist apart from you and the others in the room, and movement is the language we are speaking.