What a life-changer yoga really has been! Who would have known what that first entry into Bryan Kest’s power yoga studio in Santa Monica now 20 years ago would lead to. I didn’t know, but I’m happily surprised by what happened!

I am a Certified Embodied Flow™ teacher and it’s my great joy and honor to share this type of practice with my students. I believe a yoga system needs to be very free within its structure, but yet held enough, to flourish. I’ve found myself at ease with Embodied Flow because all my creativity is celebrated and my experience is a valid source, not only my teachers experience. And your experience as a student is just as valid too. Less hierarchy more community evolution!

My greatest passion is sharing movement, yoga and the art of living with dedicated teachers and students of yoga!

It’s such a deep pleasure to get to guide and inspire and delight in the presence you all bring to the room! It’s what I love to do.

Before I found Embodied Flow™ and Body Mind Centering™ I held a certification in Anusara yoga but I no longer teach the material from that school although it of course has influenced me greatly.

I’m a trained masseuse, trained in Reiki and other healing modalities and consider communicating with plants and animals and clouds in the sky as natural as talking to my son or to you. My level of hippie-ness is not always seen from the outside since I also adore gangster rap, fine wine, lucious oils and designer coffee. But I guess that’s where we are all heading, into balance between the different aspects of your souls expression through your personality.

My biggest strength as a teacher is my presence. When we are in the room together, nothing else exists, just you and the others in the space and movement is the language we are speaking with each other.

I currently study with Tara Judelle, Bonnie Bainbridge-Cohen, Sally Kempton, Scott Lyons and Laura Larriva Page, and most of all I study with life itself.

Thank you for crossing paths!